मापदण्ड तथा प्रत्यायन

Monitoring and evaluation is an integral part of providing quality health education. If we strengthen the system of continuous scientific monitoring and evaluation, it will increase the quality of any academic programs. The Directorate of standards and accreditation is determined towards assuring quality and uniformity in medical education throughout the country by implementing worldwide accepted accreditation standards. Including the role responsibility and authority stipulated in the National Medical Education Act 2075 the role, responsibility and authority of the Directorate of standards and Accreditation are as follows:

  1. Set basic criteria for the necessary infrastructure in order to establish medical institutions and conduct educational program.
  2. Set basic criteria for the teachers’ eligibility.
  3. Work regarding teaching pedagogy and technology.
  4. Set accreditation standards for quality evaluation of medical education
  5. Work regarding the accreditation of universities and academias conducting medical education programs.
  6. Set standards of Medical Education sector’s curriculum, including quality and standard.
  7. Issue eligibility letter to those willing to go on abroad studies and fellowships including high level training on medical education.